Design Indaba 2017 Highlights

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Design Indaba in Cape Town South Africa with my fellow Darling Directors. This years saw a more intellectual than visual approach. These were my highlights.

1. Founder of Duolingo Tech entrepreneur and crowdsourcing pioneer Luis von Ahn pioneer of CAPTCHAs, who then put it to work to bring out-of-print books into the global digital library.

2. The Most entertaining presentation was by Dutch designers Lernert & Sander who sent a very tongue in cheek “we see you” message to their imitators.  I definitely saw some people squirming in their seats.

3. Chris Sheldrike from tech company whatthreewords which is reinvented addressing and geolocating.

4. The incredibly brave, insightful and funny Tea Uglow who’s love of literature, graphic geeks and carefully organised chaos kept everyone enthralled.

5. The Chilean architects and product designers Great Things to People who gave there broken 3D printer a virus to make it worse and got unique results.


6. Kenyan photographer Osborn Macharia and his visions of AfroFuturism


7. Information designer Giorgio Lupi who created a unique visual language as a way for guitarist Kaki King to “write” her one of a kind style of playing.

8.Multidisciplinary product designers Dokter and Misses who opened proceedings with a unique collaboration with my friend and fellow Darling director Chloe Coetsee and conceptual performance artists Dear Ribane.



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