Appletiser Augmented Reality


Appletiser & TBWA have launched a ground breaking Augmented Reality experience by Director, Graeme Carr

9 short stories, written & directed by Carr, with Shane Forbes, Vincent Osmond & Mike Groenewald (CD) from TBWA for Appletisers Valentine’s Day Promotion, follow Johnny Appleseed and Apple Blossom, two star-crossed lovers, and a mischievous cupid.

The romance theme presented team with the opportunity to create a unique application of AR technology based around the “Coupling” theme of Valentines day.

Pairing any two of the romance-themed labels on limited edition Appletiser bottles triggers one of the 9 augmented reality stories unique to that label combination and detection order.

The multiple, non linear narratives and unique-combination aspect of the campaign results in the customer needing to collect all the bottles in order to experience the full story.

To download the app, or search “APPletiser” in the Apple & Google Play Stores.




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