T(ether) A Mind-Blowing UI

 A Mind-Blowing UI That Could Finally Make Group Work Intuitive

T(ether) “a tool for spatial expression” that “acts as a window affording users a perspective view of three-dimensional data through tracking of head position and orientation.” In English, that means you can hold the iPad up with one hand to reveal a shared virtual space that you can manipulate with the other hand using a special glove. You can draw 3-D shapes, rotate, pinch, zoom, and spin them as if they’re real–but unlike most augmented reality apps, which silo the “world” into the screen of a single user, T(ether)’s is collaborative: Two people peering through their iPads at a grid of virtual cubes can both reach in independently and fiddle with them at the same time. Just like in real life.

via Co.Design



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