Pitchfork: Interviews, LCD Soundsystem

Pitchfork: Interviews, LCD Soundsystem.
by Joe Colly, posted June 21, 2010
I’m supposed to interview James Murphy at his Williamsburg home but when I get there he’s hungry and wants to grab lunch. It’s a rainy afternoon so we decide to go somewhere close. While he gets ready I steal a glance around the apartment. I notice a stack of Yves Saint Laurent t-shirts sitting on an ottoman and a portrait of a cat by the doorway. There are records everywhere. “It’s pretty crappy out,” I tell him. “You wish you wore a jacket. You wish you wore a long-sleeve shirt,” he says. I do. We leave and within minutes we’re at a nearby café. On the way, Murphy is gregarious but self-effacing– he jokes constantly, usually at his own expense. He kindly offers to share his umbrella. At the restaurant, he hams it up with the hostess and waitress. We settle into a corner booth, order burgers, and talk about This Is Happening, LCD Soundsystem’s final and arguably best record. LCD drummer Pat Mahoney shows up halfway through the meal, but is mostly quiet. It’s Murphy’s show, and they both seem to prefer it that way. Read more.


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