Boundless Optimism: Update

Our friend Ivan Pols, is a talented chap. He wears many creative hats, this one is as, as cursory impressionistic, doodlemiester. His dedication to his processes, can be seen in his 1000 Drawings. project where he returns over and over to the same subject matter, the female form, exploring every possible option and technique, while staying in his perimeters of a keeping it a sketch.

In His own words,
“Since 2004, I have worked with process-driven drawing projects in which I explore the ability of line, texture, colour and pixels to assign multiple meanings to a common set of formal elements. The approaches range from classical to expressionistic to abstract, but all are inspired by the same input: the female figure as a symbol of the drawing (the Muse).

The hundreds of variations in interpretation of the Muse create libraries, designed to be shared, curated and re-imagined. In order to facilitate this purpose, the drawings are digital, created in sequence and easy to disseminate and use. All derived works are subject to a Share-Alike clause. As a result, anyone may use modify the 1Thousand series to create an infinite series of new works.. The goal is to optimize maximal meaning from minimal elements.” Currently, there are three works in the series entitled “1Thousand”. check them out here.

More recently, these fantastic pieces where added to the series “Sketch Book Selects 2” check out the rest.

For more from Ivan/Retry, Check out the feeds on in the right bar of this blog.


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